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Ever since I was a wee lad and saw the original Superman movie on television (back when they did that sort of thing & split the show up over two nights), I’ve always wanted to fly.

More than that, really, I’ve always wanted to be like Superman: Strong, smart, able to fly, able to do all sorts of amazing things, and — of course — be a good person. Even to this very day, 30-odd years later, I still try to emulate Superman in my daily life.

Superman: The Movie (It changed my life. No…REALLY!)

On Saturday I will take one step closer to becoming my idol. On Saturday, I am going to take to the skies and go flying.

Sort of.

A couple years ago, my wife (Nicole, for those who haven’t been paying attention) bought me a voucher to go skydiving for my birthday. That voucher expires at the end of the month and I’m only NOW finally getting around to using it.

I’m not scared. In fact I’m quite excited to take the ride tomorrow to the small airport in Perkasie, PA, sign some papers, strap on a harness, attach myself to a tandem instructor (and a parachute) and jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

I will document this and report back to you tomorrow after the jump occurs.

But I just wanted to let everyone know what I’m about to do and let you know that I am doing this of sound mind and body. And I’m doing it so that everyone can believe that a Geek can fly.

And you can be damn sure I’ll be wearing a Superman t-shirt in the process.


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